About Us

Many people believe Idaho is filled with nothing more than potatoes. For anyone that is lucky enough to call this magnificent place home, you know Idaho is so much more. From raging rivers, to dense forests, to mountains that hit the clouds, Idaho is full of stunning landscape that many only see in pictures.

At HikeIdaho.co, we want everyone to experience the trails less traveled. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced hiker, Idaho has something to offer. At HikeIdaho.co we will give you reviews on trails throughout the state, provide you with a strenuous level report, update you on any wildlife that inhabits the area, and show you photos of the amazing views along the way.

We want everyone to experience this amazing state. From hunting to fishing, rock climbing to white water rapids, wildlife viewing to breathtaking views, we are here to share everything Idaho’s wilderness has to offer.


We’re always looking to expand our influence.  Please contact us with requests for future posts or with questions about maximizing your experience in the Idaho back country.  Contact Us